How to Hit Your Money Milestones in Your 30s

How to Hit Your Money Milestones in Your 30s

Are you hitting your big 3 soon? Or are you already midway through your 30s? Well somehow, there’s something about being in our 30s that feels more adult, agree?
In our 30s, we’re at a life stage where we can invest in quality things that last. It can be a wardrobe of good nice clothes, quality furnishing for the home, a club or gym membership to keep us fit or go on good holidays that help us recharge.
That was also the time when I became financially independent from my parents and began contributing towards taking care of them for what they’ve done in raising me all these years.

Have you Started Planning?

Sounds too idealistic? I know, being in our 30s doesn’t mean we’ve everything worked out, be it in finances or life. And that’s okay. However the earlier we keep in mind our overall financial state, the better prepared we would be to reach later goals across different ages.
You may have heard a lot about the money milestones you should be hitting by the time you reach your 30s. However, are you wondering how you can unlock these milestones to achieve the financial success or freedom you desire?
Depending on how much you earn and your expenses, these shorter-term goals can mean different things. There is no one path that fits all, but hopefully by sharing these milestones and how to achieve them can help guide you to success as you get older. Good luck!

1. Stable Stream of Income

In our 30s, we should’ve already established a strong career with a relatively stable income, either as a specialist in a professional field of work or a leader/management role to lead and impact the lives of others.

Achieving it …
It may take a succession of jobs before we land one that gives us the opportunity for future advancement. Sometimes it may be a matter of seeking a career outside of our field of study. Whatever route you take to that desired role and income, finding one is truly a milestone and keep searching if you have not found your true passion.

2. At least Six Months’ worth of Expenses for Emergency Fund

Depending on your financial commitments, setting aside money from your income with discipline is very important. An emergency fund for rainy days (at least 6 months of essential expenses) allows us to always have something to fall back on when we need it.

Achieving it …
Always maintain a healthy financial state by keeping healthy savings and expenses in check. In our 30s, we shouldn’t be controlled by impulsive purchases. Be clear of things that are really necessary over things that are of luxury. We should only be using credit cards for the convenience and ensure that we pay our bills on time in full (banks will hate me! Ha) and use the right cards for the perks.
By setting money aside, we are also getting ready for any big purchase items like property that may come along the way.

3. Adequate Insurance Coverage

Life is unpredictable. You don’t want to be caught off-guard. Having adequate insurance coverage and keeping a balanced portfolio in insurance and savings is a big form of responsibility, acting like a financial safety net and certainly a milestone to hit in your adulthood.

Achieving it …
Start by considering what your priorities are. Are you looking to secure higher hospitalisation coverage? Are you an adventure seeker who needs extra assurance? Or are you preparing for your child’s education needs? Your answers will guide you on the type of insurance you need.

4. Planning for a Family

Starting out a family requires financial planning as a couple. It means setting aside money for a wedding, a home, and having children etc. As having a family is part of settling down, it marks a major life (and financial) milestone for us.
Achieving it…
Finding a method that works best for both keeps a healthy and happy relationship! Make sure that both of you are on the same page when it comes to financial planning and goals, as that will minimise the money squabbles that may happen.

5. Starting to Build Your Net Worth and Planning for Retirement

The race goes to the swift. The earlier you kickstart your retirement plan, the higher the success rate that plan will be. And simply taking that first step is one of the greatest financial milestones in life.

Achieving it …
Retirement may seem too far away to be envisioned but it can also be an early option with planning. Many often delay this step, feeling they don’t have sufficient income to make a significant contribution. But when it comes to investing, especially long-term investing, getting started is more essential than how much you begin with.
It’s okay to start small, and once you establish the habit of contributing money, you can gradually expand your contributions over time. It’s always good to start young so you can accumulate through a steady long-term wealth building process.

Have You Achieved these Milestones?

It’s always good to start making a conscious effort in financial planning. It can be just building that discipline in setting aside for savings. This step alone will build up and go a long way for you.
It’s never too late to start. The important thing is to start now.

Ms Eunice Yuen is an avid entrepreneur, currently managing a group of over 100 financial consultants and a team of 10 agency leaders. To find out more about Ms Eunice Yuen, please visit her Facebook Page or email

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