#teamJCO CNY Lohei 2020 @ Keppel Club

JCO - Lohei

Our #teamJCO annual Chinese New Year Lohei event was held at the Singapore Keppel Club. Thrilled with energetic performances by the LED Lion Dance troupe and 川剧变脸. The guests were also entertained by emcee FeiFei.

The annual event was graced by members from the Prudential Head Office. It was a night of laughter and fun singing with lively participation from Agency Head – John Soong and our multi talented Financial Consultants.

开工大吉. JCO – huat ah!!!

Breakthrough Boundaries 2019

#teamJCO goes to the Philippines together with our Singapore #ABC friends to participate in a highly charged annual BB2019 conference. Intensified! with great insights from specially invited guest speakers

It was great catching up with our BB friends from Malaysia and the Philippines.
Thank you for the warm hospitality, Philippines!
Looking forward to #BB2020

#teamJCO runningJCO

It is October and the countdown to the year end has already began. In fact, Prudential started its Final Dash “Charge Up” at Sentosa one month ahead in September! More stressful days ahead. 😅

So we at #teamJCO decided to have a bit of fun (as usual) and conducted our own runningJCO event last weekend at SUTD.
Our tagline: We don’t run, we sprint!

We had yet another eventful day filled with fun and laughter. Join our expanding family. #joinJCO

#teamJCO DND Glamourous Night 2018


#teamJCO DND Glamourous Night 2018

Our #teamJCO Annual Dinner and Dance 2018 was held at the Pan Pacific Ballroom on 28 May 2018 and the glamourous night event was graced by VIPs: then-Prudential Chief Agency Officer – Roy Lim and his ever-supportive business development team as well as special loved ones of our consultants.

The guests were given a spectacle treat of LED & Fire act dance display and the event was kicked off by our 2 Group Agency Directors Eunice Yuen and Shannon Loke. Mr Roy Lim then gave an opening address and recognised #teamJCO for our spectacular 2017 results, achieving stellar results and coming in at the top in the whole of Prudential Singapore.

We then proceeded with an awards presentation of our top group leaders and consultants after which a sumptuous dinner was served. Another awards ceremony was done to recognise each individual team’s top consultants as well as our long-serving consultants (10 years)

Emcee Fei Fei livened up the mood with her wit and dances and 2 of our top consultants gave their personal sharing of their career journey with JCO. We had games and a birthday celebration before we ended the night off with 3 toasts and sang together to the tune of Rachel Platten’s Fight Song.

Cheers to a fantastic 2017. More to come for 2018

Why I left my $40K Engineer Job to start out on my own at the age of 23

Why I left my $40K Engineer Job to start out on my own at the age of 23

Did you know? According to a study by global webhosting company GoDaddy, “not having to worry about losing their corporate jobs” is one of the driving forces leading Singaporeans to pursue entrepreneurship.
I believe that part of it comes from the insecurity, the other is the money. I used to think that my job as a sales engineer then was stable with good income and great career prospects. However, an incident that happened to one of my closest friends struck me to think otherwise.

She used to work in a multi-national company fetching an income of more than $200,000 a year. Many of us really envied her career success and achievements until one day when we heard that she was retrenched! Not only did this came as a surprise to us, it was also a rude shock to her. She was deeply affected and it took her more than a year before she managed to return to the workforce, with a significant compromise on her salary.

To a young graduate like me then, I came to realise that it was really stressful to be in the sandwiched class. We had to keep working very hard to “keep ourselves afloat” to earn that paycheck after paycheck at the end of each month. But for the rich and wealthy, they did not have to work for money but had money work for them.

I do not come from a rich family, but through reading, I discovered how I could work towards achieving my dream to gain financial independence. Most successful entrepreneurs did not start out with a lot of money to build their multi-million business. The most powerful assets they possessed were the strong mindset and the willingness and courage to take up challenges. It was also about financial aptitude, which is what we do with money after we earn it, and how to make it work for us.

Starting My Own With No Capital

Though with much apprehension, I still decided to take the plunge and tendered my resignation. The fear of failure and how others would look at me suddenly dawned on me. But it was still clear to me that I wanted to start out on my own. I needed to be financially savvy to do that, so I started picking up the necessary financial knowledge and skills to manage my own wealth (which was never taught in school).

Gradually, I realised that I could also help others achieve their financial goals with the new knowledge and skills I acquired. That was the time when I decided to join Prudential as a Financial Consultant to share the knowledge I learnt through my personal experiences.

6 Months and I Exceeded My Previous Annual Pay of $40K

I was pleasantly surprised when it took me just six months before my sales commission exceeded my annual pay of $40,000 from my previous sales engineer job! But somehow my perception of a Financial Consultant career changed. My biggest motivation was not from the money I made, but the satisfaction I gained from helping someone in need.

I managed to deliver a number of claims payouts to my clients, but this was not the only aspect that left a deep impact on me. It was the fact that my services could give security for the families so they know they were in safe hands if the breadwinner was no longer around one day. This was exactly the kind of security I was looking for when I started out on my own.

The work has enabled me to help others achieve their financial goals and indirectly, get rewarded for the work we do at the same time.

Financial Consultancy is An Entrepreneurial Journey?

Just like managing our own business, we determine how we want to grow and run the business, not only to make profits, but also to create a caring and connected community.

I was fortunate to have a great mentor who guided me to where I am today. He groomed me to be an agency leader under JCOrganisation (JCO), giving me the opportunity to lead my team and manage my own business. All thanks to him and my team, I was honoured to clinch the Top Group Agency of the Year (GAM) Award in April 2018. This is in recognition of the efforts and contributions put in by various agencies within Prudential which achieved the highest team productivity last year.

Over the years, I discovered an interesting phenomenon when it comes to running my own business and entrepreneurship.

Why do we want to build a business?

Because we want to be our own boss. Because we want absolute autonomy in deciding our business direction, target market, service or product provided, and how we run our business. And of course, this is the chance to prove ourselves and carve a niche in the working world. You know you are capable of much more than just being a tool to helping someone else realise their dreams.

The beauty of the finance industry lies in what you see and believe is what you will get. Why do I say that?

Today, to be a successful Financial Consultant, we wear many hats. We are our own business. We decide the target market we want to serve. Are you a consultant to the high net worth? Or are you a consultant to business owners? Or perhaps your forte is in planning for the professionals? You will decide your target market and what financial instruments can best fulfill their portfolio, be it investment, retirement planning or risk management.

Gone are the days where an insurance agent peddles just that – insurance.

We have to do our own marketing and our own branding. And JCO is a platform that gives me the training to handle the target market of my choice. I believe that if I can do it, you can too.

How do you run your business? How do you ensure customer loyalty?

These are questions a business owner thinks about and you will too. Interested to know the answers? Do keep a lookout for my upcoming articles.


FSMA Awards

FSMA awards

FSMA Awards

Our leaders being featured and recognised in the FSMA awards.
Acknowledging the best leaders in Life Insurance Agency Management. Singapore Management Awards (SMA) (Life Insurance) 2018

We cannot count on online portals and social media applications alone to recruit talents into this ever changing life insurance industry landscape. Robots can never replace the human touch when it comes to soft skills training and going for joint field work. And needless to say, we do not need artificial intelligence to motivate someone to excel in this industry.

Top Group Director
Eunice Yuen

Top Rookie Agency Manager
Sandra Oon

SMA Diamond Group
Eunice Yuen

SMA Platinum Group
Shannon Loke

SMA Platinum Direct
Sandra Oon
Tracy Chia

SMA Gold Direct
John Liew
Ong Chin Hong

SMA Silver Direct
Benny Lim
Jason Song
Jimmy Chen

SMA Bronze Direct
Foo Yu Yuan
Joseph Phua

Fastrack 2018


Fastrack 2018

Prudential Fastrack 2018 was held in Bangkok 14-16 Apr 2018 and coincided with the festive Thai Songkran period. Housed in the posh 5-star Amari Watergate Hotel, the qualifiers were warmly welcomed and received by then-Prudential CAO – Roy Lim, Head of Recruitment & Distribution – Marvin Tan as well as their respective agency leaders. To add, true to Songkran tradition, most of them were soaked with water from the waterguns upon arrival at the hotel from the chartered buses at the airport.

Our #teamJCO contingent comprised of 30 qualifiers, most of which were on their first incentive trip abroad. We had our own team dinner at the unpretentious Mandarin Roast Duck Restaurant where we were treated to a sumptuous spread of dishes. #teamJCO were joined by Chris and Victor from the Prudential Business Development team.

There was a friendly drinking competition amongst the 2 groups and ultimately JCO1 emerged victorious. That was followed by a sharing session where all the First Time Qualifiers (FTQ) had a chance to introduce themselves to our ever growing group and share their experience and journey in JCO. The leaders chipped in as well and the night ended with another round of watergun skirmishes along the streets. 555 (Thai for “ha ha ha”)

Day 01

Next morning, Day 1 started early with the groups all geared up and ready for team building with other agency groups at the Royal Thai Navy Hall. We had fun filled activities until the afternoon before we headed back for some free and easy time.

The Fastrack Dinner was held later in the evening at the hotel Ballroom and everyone were greeted with live band entertainment and some inspirational sharing from TOP Fastrack AL Augustine Seah and TOP Fastrack FC Liu Chun Hai. Everyone was also treated to a 3-round Muay Thai sparring session and #teamJCO had Sandra Oon and Jared Tan on stage singing to some Beyond and Whitney Houston classics to a rapturous crowd. The dinner ended with more partying into the night.

The following morning was back home to Singapore for most of us. We had some last minute shopping, checked out of the hotel and were soon on the plane. Once again congratulations to all Fastrackers and hope you all had a wonderful experience in BKK.





Prudential Agency Awards Night 2018

Prudential Agency Awards Night 2018

Prudential Agency Awards Night 2018

The annual Prudential Agency Awards Night 2018 was held on the 6 Apr 2018 and it was a momentous day for #teamJCO where our leaders clinched top spot in multiple categories across the whole of Prudential Singapore.

Our junior consultants and rookies also did themselves proud by coming in the top 10 of some 4000 consultants nationwide and 2 of our 1st-year consultants not only came in as the top 3 rookies in Prudential Singapore, they also qualified for the all prestigious President Club 2018 in a short span of a little over half a year – a truly amazing feat!

1st – Group Agency (GAM) Category : Eunice Yuen
1st – Investment-Linked Annual Premium Category : Tracy Chia
1st – Associate Financial Services Manager Category : Sandra Oon
1st – Senior Financial Services Manager Category : Ong Chin Hong
7th RunnerUp – Financial Consultant Category : Ferlyn Ho
9th RunnerUp – Financial Consultant Category : Amanda Lai
1st RunnerUp – Financial Consultant Rookie Category : Casia Ong
2nd RunnerUp – Financial Consultant Rookie Category : Shin Phua

Once again, congratulations to all qualifiers and winners!


About JCO - Jarsonn Chua Organisation


Dato’ Jarsonn Chua started JCO, a group of agency units of Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited in the year 2000.

With a clear vision of building an organisation with strong family values, he built a firm foundation that has cultivated and nurtured many successful leaders over the years.

Today, JCO is the number 1 agency in Prudential Singapore.

If you would like to be a part of our successful team, contact us. We welcome all fresh graduates, mid career switch PMETs, experienced bankers… to walk through this journey with us.

Your Success is our Business.