Foo Yu Yuan

Financial Services Manager
Years of service: 13
Hobbies: Cycling, travelling, spending time with family and loved ones

I started with Prudential Singapore as a Financial Consultant upon graduation from NTU Business School in 2005. Being an introvert, I did not have much confidence that I would succeed in this industry. However, thanks to the JCO platforms, I have gained plenty of experience in networking, managing personal finances, and entrepreneurship in the process.

I love my career as I work closely with my clients to develop and help maintain their financial plans. I get a sense of satisfaction from making a difference in my clients’ lives by recommending suitable plans and helping them fulfill their financial goals.

Today, I lead a team of consultants as a Financial Services Manager. I still work closely with my clients, but I also have the opportunity to develop my leadership and management skills by building my very own agency and leading a team of professional Financial Consultants.

My focus is to ensure that there is continuous development amongst my team members, and that they achieve success and job satisfaction as a financial services professional.